What we're looking for.

You’ll notice in our application form, a number of questions to help us understand your company. Below we have tried to help  you understand what we are looking for to give you the best chance of your application being successful.

1. Customer/Problem/Solution

We’d like to see evidence that you are solving a real customer problem and that can prove that your customer will pay to have that problem solved.

2. Market

We need to know that your business can scale and there is national and global opportunities.

You need to understand your competitors well and indicate how you can defend against them.

3. Traction

You need to demonstrate that you company has had traction.

Ideally this is paying customers but we understand for some early companies may not have reached this stage - so you’ll need to find another way to show this .

4. Team

We want to invest in great founders. We are looking for a team that has the technical and industry knowledge to succeed.

We also need you to be full time focused on the business—anything else is a distraction and it is going to take everything you have for your company to succeed.

5. Company Structure

We are looking for the company to be appropriately set up. This means the financial statements are in good order, the list of shareholders and any previous investments rounds are documented. The company should have a structure that makes sense (some companies over complicate things to early) and that you are operating with relevant systems and processes for the size of the company. We also expect all the relevant IP to be owned or assigned to the company.

6. Investment Terms

Finally we are looking for an investment structure that is fair for all parties. We can help you determine this - but you need to make sure you are raising enough money and you need to have a realistic view on your valuation that you can quantifiably justify.